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1-2 years: New Words PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rachel Betzen   

1-2 years: New Words- Respond to your child's beginning words and expand on what she says. Talk about what you're doing and the things in your child's everyday environment, linking words to play time, mealtime, bath time and the bedtime routine. You can help your child understand language within a larger context, by using expansion.

The First Year: Interact and Take Turns PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Rachel Betzen   

The First Year: Interact and Take Turns- Soft talking, singing, tickling, kissing or nuzzling all build strong bonds with your baby. Then pause, giving her time to respond, and take any action, a head turn, arm and leg movements, as a request for more.


Infants enter our world with a tendency to look for and develop language. This is observed in children across cultures and from differing backgrounds. Language development, which includes reading and writing skills, builds from the bottom up. This begins with inner language, the child's transformation of experiences into words.


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